Plywood Parts

"DETAILS ACCORDING TO YOUR DRAWINGS" is an actual solution for business.

Currently, a large number of design studios, furniture manufacturing, house-building firms, manufacturers of small architectural forms and in other industrial industries (up to shipbuilding and aircraft construction), use plywood parts. We have a fleet of modern machines with numerical control (CNC/CNC), which allows us to cut plywood of simple and complex shapes.

By placing an order for production with us, you reduce or completely free yourself from:

  • costs for transportation, storage and processing of plywood stock as a primary raw material component.
  • the costs associated with the subsequent processing of plywood to the level of "detail" (maintenance of the machine park, the salary fund of specialists, energy costs, etc.).
  • costs for the maintenance of production and storage areas

You can view the manufactured parts in the section "Photo Gallery".

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