LLC «Investforest» is one of Russia’s largest plywood manufactures and its products. The power of modern, ecologically clean and waste-free facility allows producing up to 40 thousand cubic meters of plywood per year that is exported to 15 countries on three continents. We recognize employees’ life and health priorities and assume the obligation to ensure safe working conditions while carrying out our activities.

Being engaged in forest development, we are committed to the ecologically literate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management as well as to the natural heritage conservation for future generations.

We take a long-term commitment to improve the efficiency of all production processes and to reduce all resources consumption.

The main goals of LLC «Investforest» activities are

  • to provide customers in Russia and abroad with the highest quality products in the shortest time;
  • to ensure safe working conditions and preserve workers’ life and health;
  • to ensure that expensive plywood production is priority;
  • to achieve the world modern trends in the field of environmentally friendly products maufacturing maintaining the best traditions of the Russian woodworking;
  • to achieve a multi-purpose, rational, continuous, sustainable forest use at its development without harming the environment and human life;
  • to maximize all resources potential savings and to reach their minimum possible level of consumption.

The achievement of the objectives is ensured by the following principles

  • focus on improving technology processes to meet consumers’ requirements completely and for personnel qualitative performance;
  • each employee performing his job at production process stage considers an employee of a subsequent operation as a consumer;
  • reducing risks caused by dangerous and harmful production factors that may damage employees’ life and health;
  • each employee is in charge of his own safety and people around him safety; manufacturing personnel safe behavior formation;
  • our staff is a cohesive team of professionals with innovative approach, active position and organizational flexibility;
  • forestry on conditions of forest resources balanced use and reproduction preserving high conservation values in forests;
  • reduction of production costs.

Compliance with this policy ensures LLC «Investforest» sufficient for the development level profit in the interests of our Customers, shareholders and staff. It is a short-term and long-term benchmark of business prosperity.

LLC «Investforest» top management demonstrates constantly improving efficiency and effectiveness of the system while involving all employees in improvement activities, which will be provided with the necessary resources.